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Beneath The Shade: Voltolina's assembly system

Posted on April 17 2017

The Voltolina Lighting name and trademark is synonymous with the highest quality and most industry defining production in glass and cut glass. The company has built up this reputation through years of esteemed service and innovative design.

Voltolina Lighting wear their reputation as a badge of pride, constantly maintaining their position as one of the most celebrated brands in the luxury lighting industry. It's something they maintain in every step of their processes, from the initial inspiration and design, through the intricate steps of manufacturing and the extensive finishing, right through to their use.

One way in which Voltolina Lighting place this quality of service into their products is by making their use as easy and simple for you as possible. To ensure your experience of their products is as pleasant as possible, they have developed a new chandelier assembling system.

The System 

The system is, in its construction, very simple to use. It gives the opportunity to connect the arms to the pre-wired central body in only one simple operation. When you do this, you will hear a click sound, and that is how you know the arm is attached.

This process is patented and certified following CE, IMQ, and UL rules, making it both safe and successful. Through this process, the assembling and cleaning time decreases considerably, and the safety level is maintained at the highest level.

This process is designed for you, the customer or the client, to make your use of these designs as convenient as possible. Voltolina Lighting have achieved this by making it possible to have the beauty, class, and style of a unique chandelier without the hassle of assembling it.