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Beneath The Shade: Flos' luxury design

Posted on April 13 2017

Flos is a lighting company unlike any other. Working with a roster of established designers, the brand bring their distinct vision to life in a way no other name can surpass.

Collaborating with designers on an international basis, Flos have always gone the extra mile to maintain a longstanding aesthetic of quality. Striding on the cutting edge of industry advancements, their products are a combination of iconic design and technological ingenuity.

Offering a wide range of commercial, residential, and custom made products, each design is created with purpose and meaning, and an ideology that extends beyond the product itself. With their defining sense of identity, the company are devoted to developing products that remain environmentally friendly - an ethos they upkeep both through their choices of material and the production methods they opt to use.

For the people behind this brand name, light is "the substance for expressing new ideas and illuminating unexplored emotions." Beyond design or creation, Flos build upon their long-rooted history in order to invoke thought and feeling. These products are more than the sum of their parts. Flos designs strive to be symbolic, carrying a greater meaning with them. They're ideas and notions made real.

Incorporating everything from popular culture through to political statements, Flos products are anything but conventional. "We write the future," the brand state in their philosophy, illuminating the way forwards with their characteristically modern designs.

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