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Beneath The Shade: Lladro's porcelain process

Posted on November 30 2016

When it comes to porcelain creations, Llandro stand unparalleled. The Lladro Lighting range - consisting of everything from chandeliers and wall lights, through table and floor lamps, to candles and home fragrances - offers a warm alternative to the crystal products that take up most of the luxury lighting market.

What makes Llandro so esteemed is the amount of hard work, detail, and care that goes into every piece. Hand crafted in the company's workshops by highly skilled artists and artisans, each step is carried out under the attentive eyes of the Llandro family, turning a deep rooted passion into a long standing mark of quality.

So how exactly are these pieces made? It takes a large team to develop these products to the quality Lladro maintain. Sculptors, painters, ornamentalists, artists, and more draw together their knowledge and expertise alongside their passions and their creativity, creating designs of the highest artistic and technical standards.

Sculptors follow their inspiration, drawing from research, experience, and individual ideas, to create the designs you see on sale today. The first sketch of the piece is sculpted in clay, in order to be showcased to and approved by Lladro's creative committee. The sketch will then be reproduced in plaster, which acts as a definitive mold for the porcelain creation.

Once the lighting figure is constructed, decoration begins. The smooth porcelain surface is cared with intricate motifs, to the sculptor's instruction, and all the elegant details you see on the designs are delicately added. For an example of how laborious the process is, look at the flowers Lladro designs are so famed for: each is created petal by petal.

Due to the detailed and hand-crafted process that brings every Lladro creation into being, every product is unique, born out of creativity, passion, and a sheer love for the design.

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