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Beneath The Shade: Masiero's Venetian inspiration

Posted on January 30 2017

When you picture Venice, what do you imagine? Resplendent architecture? Ornate bridges? Sun lit canals and blissful gondola rides? With their artistic designs, Masiero Lighting bring all of that to life. Whether or not the city is something you've dreamed of, the brand's iconic products are able to bring a touch of glamour and a taste of enchantment to any setting.

Founded in 1981, Masiero's distinctly Italian character and tailor made approach to production saw the company quickly become successful creating commissions for international markets. Inspired by the ever growing history of the surrounding city, the company combine antiquity with modernity to create designs that are both timeless and contemporary.

Take, for example, the Ottocento collection (pictured right): inspired by the old fashioned Venetian lamps that line the city streets, the lights incorporate new colours and dazzling crystals, bringing an enduring design into a majestic new lease of life.

The Eclettica collection (pictured left) offers a more modern take on these traditional ideals. Drawing from an age old culture, these designs are geared towards the new. Taking classic styles and reinvigorating them with modern shapes, colours, and aesthetics, every piece is crafted with a stunning elegance.

Viewing themselves as “tailors of light", Masiero work with the beauty they see, incorporating the instinctive charm of nature with a technological expertise in order to develop designs that will long withstand the test of time with an insurmountable air of elegance.

Praising and preserving the wealth of qualities from the world they inhabit, Masiero Lighting designs are truly inspirational.