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Beneath The Shade: the glass craft of Foscarini

Posted on December 12 2016

Foscarini Lighting is the first name in handmade glass. Working in collaboration with designers from all around the world the company uses passion to defy convention. Their unique approach to designs and production places them at the heart of a thriving industry.

Exploring the world of light and materials that they've established themselves, Foscarini continuously push the boundaries of their craft. Their research studio experiments with everything at their disposal to maintain the highest technical aspects of design and creation, ensuring the products they make are second to none.

With an unrelenting focus on the cutting edge, every Foscarini design is created to express a new idea. Undertaking sometimes years of research to attain products with the optimal processes, operating modes, materials, and shapes, these items are forged with a meaning that's certain to out stand the test of time. Remaining untied to any particular manufacturing process, the company has the freedom to source and utilize any process for any of their designs.

Such an extensive production process has resulted in Foscarini designs bridging the gap between tradition and modernity, by building contemporary ideals into products that feel classic. Easily able to adapt to new materials and technologies, the possibilities are endless.

With such an intensive process involved with bringing each of their designs into being, the brand ensure every piece tells a story, or addresses a need, with an iconic aesthetic. Challenging every barrier they face, the company are at the forefront of lighting technologies, flexibly adapting to the world as it continues to change around them, and maintaining the highest quality of production and design, as they have done for over thirty years.