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Boca Do Lobo present the Pixel cabinet

Posted on May 14 2018

Boca Do Lobo present the Pixel cabinet
For Boca Do Lobo, furniture is an emotional experience exclusive to every individual, capable of inspiring a state of mind and a sense of belonging like nothing else. The brand strive to encourage these experiences to be sensational, and they achieve this by creating beautiful pieces of design. Inspired and handcrafted by a passionate team who love what they do, envisioned and constructed in Boca Do Lobo’s home of Portugal, these products are created with experience in mind, the feeling of exclusivity woven into their very fabric. Boca Do Lobo’s designers possess an undeniable talent for composing pieces that stir an emotion in their admirers. Their team has established an artisan’s wisdom, accumulated over years of experience and instilled with love and dedication – all of which is made apparent in the art that they perform. Values of design, excellence, innovation, and passion are paramount in everything the brand create – and evident in every item they sell. The high quality of the final product is always a priority. Consistently searching for new ways to bring more value to their pieces and new ways to reinvent in new contexts, they strive to always provide the best of the best. The best of the best is exactly what the Pixel cabinet has to offer. The design is unique in its majesty, boasting a combination of traditional and modern influences as well as an awe inspiring sense of colour. As Boca Do Lobo themselves describe, the Pixel cabinet was created in "an effort to honour the union between design and craftsmanship." Created from a whopping 1088 triangles, a great deal of care and attention to to detail has gone into the construction of this design. Comprised of so many pieces, put together with such care and attention, the Pixel cabinet is a piece of luxury design art that truly carries the dedication and creativity of those who built it. Available in a diverse range of different finishes to boot, no one version of the Pixel cabinet is the same as any other. The bright and colourful body of the Pixel cabinet may be the luxury design piece's main attraction point, the first thing to draw your attention, but the base also presents its own sense of majesty. While the main structure of the piece demonstrates modern influences, the base demonstrates a flair for the traditional. These two aspects work in tandem with each other to create a sense of personality that proves to be entirely unique, presenting a sense of character that is as strong as it is sophisticated, bringing a sense of the cutting edge to your setting with no shortage of grace. Here at iLite Lighting, we stock a wide range of Boca Do Lobo designs and products. As ever, our friendly expert staff are on hand to assist you with any questions or queries you may have while searching for the product you require. We strive to make your search as smooth and seamless as possible, helping you to find a product that meets all of your luxury design needs.