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Brand Van Egmond's Flower Power and Icy Lady shine in Mallorca

Posted on May 23 2018

Brand Van Egmond's Flower Power and Icy Lady shine in Mallorca
Brand Van Egmond is a Dutch lighting design company that sits at the cutting edge of the lighting industry. The brand is an international trendsetter – for exclusive handcrafted decorative lighting designs, there’s no parallel. This company was first founded in 1989 by William Brand. Brand had trained as an architect at the Utrecht School Of The Arts in the Netherlands before founding the company. The first lighting design to be created under the Brand Van Egmond (a chandelier, pictured above) became an instant icon. The name became synonymous with passion and innovation right from the start. The brand and studio were started with one single intention: to “create art without restraints.” Driven by creativity, always striving towards the cutting edge of technology, Brand Van Egmond have established themselves with an impressive collection of lighting designs that continues to grow year on year. Brand Van Egmond guarantee their high level of quality with each product, handmaking each and every design specifically for the customer or client. With such a stellar reputation in handcrafted designs, the brand are often asked to customise their designs to suit clients and projects all over the world. Having built up a strong relationship with leading luxury brand names – Chopard, Neuhaus, and Louis Vuitton have all made these lighting sculptures a part of their retail identity – this lighting design company have established themselves at the top of their field. Brand Van Egmond have a clientele that ranges from royals to rappers – a fact which not only showcases their prestige, but their versatility. Brand Van Egmond are based in Naarden in The Netherlands. Having achieved acclaim internationally, the company now operates in over sixty countries. Owner and designer William Brand continues to welcome requests from architects, designers, and clients from all over the world. Brand Van Egmond are here to offer help, translating specific wishes into beautiful handcrafted lighting sculptures of the highest quality. Their lighting designs continue to be used and admired all around the world, instilling a sense of grace, majesty, and awe wherever they are situated. Brand Van Egmond have recently shone a light on their designs being displayed and used in Mallorca. The beautiful Spanish island is known for being sun soaked, for beautiful weather and stunning sunlight a plenty. But even on such a sunlight island as Mallorca, lighting fixtures play a huge part in decoration. One location in Mallorca has used not one but two different Brand Van Egmond designs: the Flower Power chandelier and Icy Lady wall lights. As described by Brand Van Egmond themselves, the Flower Power is "a wonderful rendez-vous between handmade and high-tech. All this is combined with especially designed glass drops, that evoke the idea of icicles." The Icy Lady wall lights are portrayed as "combining the best materials and techniques to create objects that can be admired both from afar and up close. An elegant and ladylike posture combined with sparkling crystals results in the collection Icy Lady." Here at iLite we stock a full range of Brand Van Egmond products, and as ever, our expert staff are on hand to assist you with any questions or queries you may have.