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Bright Spark: Andrea Tosetto

Posted on March 30 2017

"I wanted it as bright as the sun, with a thousand refractions, at night as well" - Andrea Tosetto

Born in Venetian hub of Mestre on June 4, 1959 (the same decade in which his father started his company, Studio Italia Design) Andrea Tosetto grew up and went on to attend the Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. At the age of 18, he joined his father's company, soon taking over the leading of the business.

His entry brought about a major change to Studio Italia Design. The classic style the company had always embodied with their designs was brought into the present day through innovative and cutting edge techniques. Refreshed and refined, this is what continues to make Studio Italia Design such a formidable name in the world of luxury lighting.

His designs - Grace, Kelly, and Thor - are among Studio Italia Design's most sought after. As the brand head to Euroluce later this year they're going to be showcasing a number of Andrea Tosetto's newest designs.

Nautilus takes its name from the desire to express a continuous technological improvement, something that is applied to the purest essence of Studio Italia Designs aesthetic in its construction. The lamp is both highly versatile and functional, expressing the perfect blend of cutting edge technology and clean lines.

Sugegasa is inspired by a headgear worn by South-East Asian farmers as they worked on the land. Taking its shape from that item of outerwear, the light is made to shine as bright as the sun that shone on the fields while farmers worked, giving an illumination both entrancing and natural.