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Bright Spark: Brian Rasmussen

Posted on April 07 2017

Born in Ringsted, Denmark in 1973 before relocating to Venice, Brian Rasmussen is a designer of the highest caliber. It's his innate ingeniuity that has led to him becoming a perfect design partner for luxury lighting brand Voltolina Lighting.

While only in his first year studying at The Royal Academy Of Architecture in Copenhagen, Brian Rasmussen won the national competition Prisopgaver (Københavns Universitet) with his project on futuristic metro stations, before graduating in 2000. It was upon completing his studies that he moved to Venice, where he still resides today.

A mere two years after graduating, Brian Rasmussen won second prize in the national architecture competition Christian IV's Bryghus. It was this win that prompted him to open his own office of architecture and design in his Italian home of Venice.

A year after this win, Brian Rasmussen began work on a research project examining depth the meeting point between Roman baroque and Nordic classicism. This project became the theoretical and morphological foundation for many of the later design projects Brian undertook.

It doesn't take long for these efforts to become recognised. The following year saw Brian Rasmussen win the international art competition the Targetti Light Award. This is what sparked his career in lighting, signaling him out as one of the most innovative lighting designers around.

Brian Rasmussen has gone on to work alongside a number of established names in lighting designs, developing a streetlamp for his birthplace of Ringstead in collaboration with Louis Poulsen Lighting, and winning design competitions while collaborating with EviStyle. Some of his most sought after designs are the ones brought to life by Voltolina Lighting.