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Bright Spark: Cecilie Manz

Posted on October 25 2017

“My work has always revolved around simplicity, the process of working toward a pure, aesthetic and narrative object” - Cecilie Manz

Maison Et Objet is the international authority for home decor, interior design, architecture and lifestyle culture and trends through its shows, events and its digital platform. In 2018 the event is honouring one of the most outstanding names in the world of design. Cecilie Manz has demonstrated a fondness for art since she was very little. Awarded a diploma in Object And Furniture Design from the Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts, she founded her own studio in Copenhagen just a year after graduating. Today, Manz is known for her designs spanning across furniture, glass, lamps, and industrial products. Working mainly creating products for the home, everything design she brings to life embodies both an aesthetic and an accessible function. Her experimental prototypes and more sculptural one offs play an important part in her work. Drawing from her Scandinavian inspiration, Manz is a versatile designer who strives to experiment constantly. It is through this constant experimentation that she is able to design products that site at the forefront of contemporary culture.