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Bright Spark: Don Juan Lladro

Posted on December 18 2017

Lladro Lighting has one of the most fascinating stories of porcelain in the world. An analogue brand in the 21st century, these craftsmen are alchemists of porcelain. The brand creates dreams in porcelain. Each light is handmade in Spain by expert craftsmen. This is done with technical perfection and also with artistic excellence. The magic of the light as it is filtered through the porcelain is exactly what makes Lladro products so unique. A wonderful alternative to the traditional crystal chandeliers while still maintaining the luxurious feel. There is a chandelier for every style and a customised lighting solution for any space. The sky is the limit, no idea is too big or small. The video below gives us a glimpse into the luxury Spanish lighting brand. These designs have a scarcity within England. This makes them a great option for those looking for a solution that is different from the rest. Buying something rare, you’re assured that the design really demonstrates that wow factor. When purchasing a Lladro chandelier, pendant or even lithophane. You’re not just getting a product, you’re getting a dream – a dream that has been hand captured within the porcelain. The force that drives Lladro is a passion for an artistic medium, and that medium is porcelain. The founding members of the brand display a lifetime of dedication to chasing their dream with a braveness that has allowed the company to raise to the top. Last Saturday, one of the founding brothers of this brand that carries out his name left us, Don Juan Lladró. Juan Lladró was a visionary precursor, a great patron, a creative and passionate businessman. Lladró have shared the grief of his friends and family and all those who loved him at his passing. His legacy lives on in every product Lladro create.