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Bright Spark: Ionna Vautrin

Posted on March 08 2017

"A project finds its legitimacy today through its inbuilt quality, comfort and the emotion it transmits; objects that pass the time, serve their users throughout their lives" - Ionna Vautrin

Born in France in 1979, Ionna Vautrin found her passion for design at the age of six, working on ceramics at a workshop in her village. She attended L'école De Design Nantes Atlantique, graduating in 2002, before opening her own studio in 2011.

Since then, Vautrin has worked with names such as Camper, George J. Sowden, Industreal, Moustache, Dior, Foscarini, and more. For her work she has recieved the honour of the Grand Prize of the creation of the city of Paris.

Through her designs, Vautrin strives to create objects with a simple and gentle elegance that still proves surprising. Her work embodies a powerful balance between industry and poetry, fusing function with a striking aesthetic that compliments its use perfectly.

The simple elegance that her designs are instilled with made her a perfect partner for Foscarini, with whom she's created products like the Binic and Doll lights. Using organic and geometric shapes for an intuitive and functional usage, these designs are created with a cheerful and colourful spirit. Her products offer a presence that's both gentle and generous.

To celebrate International Women's Day (today), all our blog posts this week will be celebrating female designers in the world of lighting. Read more here.