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Bright Spark: Joaquim Paulo Guimarães

Posted on October 23 2017

“I love what I do and I don’t settle down. I am constantly looking for new challenges to get a result of my work closer to perfection”. Joaquim Paulo Guimarães

Joaquim Paulo Guimarães is the CEO and product designer who holds responsiblity for the design department of Maison Valentina.

Starting his journey at an arts school in Porto with the aim of becoming an architect, Joaquim Paulo Guimarães fell in love with the school of Bauhaus and every movement of modern art, which consequently led to him discovering a passion within the design industry.

While studying, Joaquim Paulo Guimarães launched a design studio with collegues, and even worked for a company in the hotel business giving support to hospitality projects before graduating with a bachelors in equipment design.

What Joaquim Paulo Guimarães is perhaps most well known for, however, is his work with Maison Valentina. Working as a part of an expert team, the brand take their inspiration from a myriad of different perspectives: the study of art history, the main currents of design, architecture, sculpture, painting, and music.

For Joaquim Paulo Guimarães it is really important to grab the idea and to work on it while it is a fresh thought, while the inspiration is bustling. When this is idea is still young the designer should study the subjects that surround the project in order to work every detail accurately so that the function and form are consistent.