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Bright Spark: Konstantin Grcic

Posted on February 20 2017

"Good design admits to the deeper insight that beyond performing a purpose in a good way, the purpose itself has to be good." - Konstantin Grcic

Trained as a cabinet maker in the coastal county of Dorset before enrolling at London's Royal College Of Art to study design, Konstantin Grcic opened his own practice in Munich in 1991. Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design - or KGID - has developed furniture and lighting products for industry leading clients worldwide.

With a number of design awards to his name - including the prestigious Compasso d'Oro - and with his work featured as part of permanent collections in the worlds most lauded museums - such as the Museum Of Modern Art in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris - there's no shirking how lauded this designers creations have become.

Konstantin Grcic has had a number personal exhibitions showcasing his illustrious work in the fields of art and design, the most recent of which was held at Die Neue Sammlung Design Museum in Munich, the city where the designer was born and now lives.

The creations Konstantin Grcic devises all posses a very strong characteristic - they all pose a question to the nature of structure, their shape embellished while function remains at the forefront of their aesthetic.

This fusion of function and aesthetic made Konstantin Grcic a perfect match to work with Flos Lighting. His designs are the perfect compliment to Flos Lighting's core values, these products sitting comfortably within the brand's catalogue.