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Bright Spark: Mantra Lighting

Posted on April 13 2017

Internationally recognised with their stylish range of designer lighting at affordable prices, Mantra Lighting are a brand quite unlike any other. With over 1000 products available, every one of them bares its own unique identity, sure to bring a sense of character to your setting as suits you.

Mantra Lighting invest extensively in research and development, ensuring that everything they create is as innovative and as easy to use as possible. The brand stand as leaders in energy saving luxury lighting, with the majority of their designs suited for low energy lamps and new ranges of LED fittings.

The designs they create are ones that are sure to meet all the practical requirements you need, prizing the luxury aesthetic with no compromise made as to their function. Everything they manufacture undergoes an intensive screening process to ensure that the highest quality is achieved in every aspect of the fixture, from the choice of materials used in their construction all the way through to the way they are packaged to ensure safe transit to you for your use.

With their team of pioneering luxury lighting designers, Mantra Lighting products are among the most sought after on the market. But who exactly are the minds behind these designs that bring so much joy and illumination to clients and customers?

Jose Ignacio Ballaster

Having spent a number of years dedicated to the study of fine arts (which he combined with his secondary studies in 1981), Jose Ignacio Ballaster joined the design team of several family owned companies in the furniture sector where he worked until 2000. Entering the new millennium he launched his career in the decorative lighting field, where he has worked for prestigious companies as the head of their design teams. Drawing from years of passion and experience, his designs are second to none.

Hugo Tejada

Gaining a technical engineering degree in industrial design from the Cardenal Herrera CEU University, Hugo Tejada first specialised in the design of automobiles. It was while doing this that he studied the official masters degree program in the Polytechnical University of Valencia. Upon graduating, he became a member of the design department for a major lighting firm based in Valencia. With an unparalleled technological know how, his designs combine function with a stunning aesthetic with unparalleled class.

Santiago Sevillano Sebastia

A student of industrial design in ESDI CEU, Santiago Sevillano Sebastia expanded his expert level of know how at the Polytechnical University Of Valencia in a diverse range of fields. It was here where he registered at the School Of Architecture in 2004. Santiago Sevillano Sebastia spent several years working in the teaching field while serving as a freelance interal designer for a number of design studios and companies. Having worked in so many fields, his designs are brought to life from astounding inspirations.