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Bright Spark: Marc Sadler

Posted on May 09 2017

Named as the Product Designer of the Year at this years' Lighting Design Awards, Marc Sadler is one of the most celebrated names in luxury lighting design today. A collaborator with such names as Flos and Foscarini,

A French citizen born in Austria and currently residing in Milan, Marc Sadler is a renowned designer of home furnishings, household appliances, sportswear, technically advanced products, and (of course) luxury lighting. With such a varied range of expertise, Marc Sadler's designs take their inspiration from the culture that surrounds them, rooting them in the contemporary nature of the here and now.

Experimentation with plastics has often formed a key part of his activity, the curiosity for which can be traced back to his choice of thesis at Paris' ENSAD. Now a consultant for companies in a variety of fields, Marc Sadler is a designer with a portfolio quite unlike any other.

At the beginning of the seventies he perfect the first ski-boot in thermo plastic material that was completely recyclable, which led to the patenting of the ski-boot with a symmetric shell. For many years this stood as the most widely-sold ski-boot in the world.

Pioneering research into new materials and techniques, Marc Sadler was provided the experience that enabled him to bring innovation to more traditional areas where a set concept of design is a pure aesthetic shape.

With a series of awards to his name already - including the Compasso d’Oro ADI four times from the Industrial Design Association - Marc Sadler is as celebrated as they come.