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Bright Spark: Marta Sansoni

Posted on March 10 2017

An architect and designer or the highest callibre, Marta Sansoni graduated from studies of architecture in 1990. Her thesis, entitled 'A Building For Worship', was selected in 1991 by the Department Of Planning for the Salon International De L'Architecture in Paris.

After graduating, Sansoni coordinated the Faculty Of Architecture at the University Of Florence. For six years she gave seminars within the course of Furniture And Interior Architecture, putting her knowledge and expertise to an admirable use, assisting in the shaping of future minds within the industry.

During her time working at the University Of Florence, Sansoni participated in a series of exhibitions and competitions, at both a national and international level. This includes the acclaimed Memory Containers for Alessi in 1990.

Sansoni has established herself through her work on a great number of projects. Within architecture, she has worked on projects from new residential buildings in Florence, through to the interiors of a number of shops, restaurants, cafes, wine bars, exhibitions, private homes, and offices all across Italy and abroad.

As a designer, Sansoni has built up her name working with the likes of Studio Italia Design. With her strong Italian roots and innovative ideas, her and the brand compliment each others work perfectly, bringing to life designs that stand as some of the most classy and cutting edge in the industry.

The fusion of these two great minds can be seen in two of Studio Italia Design's more popular products, the Milo and Maggio lights. Simple materials and structures given an intricate pattern or design, these two lights are possessed by an innate grace, beauty, and modernism entirely characteristic of designs from Sansoni and Studio Italia Design.

To celebrate International Women's Day (on Wednesday 8th March), all our blog posts this week will be celebrating female designers in the world of lighting. Read more here.