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Bright Spark: Meredith Gratton

Posted on March 06 2017

"I hope I can give people moments of relief that remind them of the beauty of our world and at least make them smile" - Meredith Gratton

Plattsburgh born Meredith Gratton has made a name for herself as a staff designer for lighting giant Swarovski.

A graduate of Industrial Design at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, Gratton's designs are focused on recognizing the importance of life experiences and their interactions with nature.

This focus on natural beauty and small moments of relief makes her the perfect partner for Swarovski Lighting, a company that creates luxury designs of the highest caliber, all forged with a truly innate grace and majesty in mind.

Taking inspiration from nature and the world around her, Gratton beginst her designs by sketching the form of the light fixture by hand. Once that's completed, she models the final product using computer-aided design software. This virtual model is then executed in Swarovski's factory in Plattsburgh. Here, the frames of the fixtures are welded with steel, and the crystals are then threaded on by hand.

To celebrate International Women's Day (on Wednesday 8th March), all our blog posts this week will be celebrating female designers in the world of lighting. Read more here.