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Bright Spark: Tristan Auer

Posted on October 18 2017

“I like to get carried away in adventures and be close to my clients. The ideal is to ensure that the design and decoration soften their lives.” — Tristan Auer Architect and designer Tristan Auer is something of a household name when it comes to luxury lighting. It was no great surprise then, that one of the world's most amazing trade shows announced this year that they were going to recognise his talent as Designer Of The Year. Synonymous with bespoke luxury, the French interior designer came to revolutionise the interior design world with his approach that lends coherence and originality. Auer presents himself to the world with a unique propose. That purpose is twofold: custom luxury that prizes its own identity and a striking personality in everything that he designs and creates. With a strong attention to detail, drawing is an essential role play in his interior design strategy. After training with Christian Liaigre and Philippe Starck, Tristan Auer has developed his own style of “bespoke creations, featuring a bold combination of classical references and avant-garde design.” Above all, Auer is a man with passion. It's this that inspires his pursuit of the most characteristic and the most cutting edge creations around. Driven by his passion for vintage cars, Auer is famed for his customisations of the interiors of unique vehicles, much like he would do in the interiors of hotels or private residences. With a wide number of projects worldwide, Auer has consulted for several real estate and hotel companies, to help them strengthen their brand image through luxury and French know-how.