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Explore the applications for LEDS-C4's Taglio Di Luce collection

Posted on May 25 2018

Explore the applications for LEDS-C4's Taglio Di Luce collection
Continuing to build from over forty years worth of experience in the design, development, and manufacture of luxury lighting solutions, LEDS C4 is one of the most revered sources of contemporary luxury lighting around. This is a brand that operates in 140 countries around the world, serving more than 13000 customers on an international basis. The company operates in all lighting segments, both indoors and outdoors, residential and commercial alike. Their mission is simple: to take light, an element resplendent in its own power, and use it to generate feelings and emotions. “There is no architecture without light,” they state on their company website. And sure enough, they’re right. LEDS C4 believe in in light, but more than that, they believe in its potential to assist the comfort of people in their different life situations. The way they achieve this is through the cultivation of a shared love of their craft. Their passionate team continuously investigate the possibilities that light presents. Through this, they have developed an understanding of how light can influence different spaces as well as the ways in which we perceive them. The brand then apply that knowledge in the study of every new lighting project, as well as to every step of the development process for every one of their lighting designs. The goal is the same every time: to achieve the desired singularity for each different area to light. Recently LEDS c4 unveiled a new lighting collection. Named Taglio Di Luce, this collection is a new lighting concept that consists of a linear system that fuses lighting and architecture. These are lighting designs that serve the dual purpose of illumination and decoration. With a clear influence drawn from industrial aesthetics, the Taglio Di Luce collection from LEDS C4 fuses form with function. These lights work in conjunction with each other to offer an illumination and create an effect that is truly striking. The designs within the Taglio Di Luce collection play with light as a part of their form in order to create a vast array of different design compositions. These lights are capable of bringing a distinctive sense of character to any setting. Providing an illumination that is as sophisticated as it is original, the Taglio Di Luce collection gives a different kind of ambience. The product range within the collection is as versatile as it is flexible. These are constructions designed to blend light in small areas and large rooms. To showcase this new collection, LEDS C4 have shared a brand new brochure, proudly displaying the range of many different options offered by this innovative lighting solution. The brochure presents an extensive selection of potential applications for the Taglio Di Luce lighting collection, which can be used within your lighting project(s) as and how you see fit. Whatever your luxury lighting requirements, here at iLite our friendly and expert staff are on hand to assist with any questions or queries you may have, to help ensure that your journey towards the perfect luxury design solution is as smooth as possible.