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Flos Celebrates 100 Years of Achille Castiglioni

Posted on May 30 2018

Flos Celebrates 100 Years of Achille Castiglioni
A leading name in contemporary luxury lighting, Flos is a brand that lets no effort go to waste as they pave the way towards a brightly illuminated future. But just because the revered company focus on innovation and inspiration doesn't mean they turn a blind eye to the past - quite the opposite, in fact. In commemoration of not only their history, but the history of the luxury lighting industry they create and build within, Flos paid tribute to one of the world's most famous lighting designers, Achille Castiglioni. The reason? This year marks the 100th anniversary of Achille Castiglioni. The designer who famously once summarised his approach to creation by saying "I want to copy the sun," was the winner of numerous international and industrial design accolades before he died in 2002 - among which included that most prestigious Italian design prizes, the Compasso d'Oro. With a great many of his lamps still in production today, there's no denying the enduring impact and influence that Castiglioni had on the luxury lighting industry. So it's no surprise, really, that Flos elected to pay tribute to him and his work. The brand themselves have nearly twenty designs from Castiglioni still in production. In tribute to not only his memory but his legacy, the Italian lighting manufacturer presented two playful reeditions of his designs. Vantosa and Nasa were launched during Milan Design Week in an exhibit the brand titled 'If You Are Not Curious, Forget It' in an apt distillation of Castiglioni's ethos. The exhibit summarised the designer's life. Recently uncovered vintage photographs of Castiglioni (taken in 1984 by Luciano Soave) were mounted on the walls of the exhibit, offering an intimate look at the man behind so many different celebrated luxury lighting designs. The centrepieces of this exhibit were, of course, the reimagined designs. Ventosa is a portable spotlight that can be stuck on virtually any surface. The design takes its name from the Italian word of 'suction cup', which is also the design's boldest characteristic. Nasa is a wire reading lamp that's both small, flexible, and can be clipped just about anywhere. Practical and playful, these are two creations that display Castiglioni's design work at its most innovative and distinctive. As well as this reeditions of Castiglioni's designs, the exhibit also showcased several revered favourites from the designer. His youngest daughter, Giovanna Castiglioni, reminisced about the man himself and his enduring passion and legacy. "You have to imagine that he wasn’t a big master," she recalled, "only a big master of Italian design and a man who enjoyed his life. I never realised then that he was a famous man.” "He was really curious, like a child really, so playful,”Flos CEO Piero Gandini added. “You had to stop every three minutes—‘Look at this, look at that,’ he’d say to you. He had a kind of affectionate relationship with objects—it was always small, nice things he was doing.” Celebrating their enduring legacy, Flos are paving the way towards the future. Here at iLite our expert staff are on hand to help you navigate the worlds of design to assist in leading you to the lighting solution you seek.