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Flos' Infra-Structure shortlisted as 2018's best Architectural Luminaire Interior

Posted on April 30 2018

Every year, the Lighting Design Awards is heralded as one of the most important events on the luxury lighting calendar. Celebrating the boldest, the brightest, and the most innovative of minds, brands, and designs in the lighting industry, this event not only serves as a commemoration of everything current, but an exciting celebration of everything in the lighting industry’s future. Among the designs shortlisted in 2018 is Flos Architectural's Infra Structure. Designed by the internationally acclaimed Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen for Flos Architectural, Infra Structure is already an internationally celebrated design. The creation won the hotly contested award for 2017 Product Of The Year at last year's FX Awards, an event which celebrated world class design excellence at Grosvenor House in London. The award, excitedly received by Ulysse Dormoy (the managing director of Atrium, exclusive distributor of Flos products in the UK), heralded the design as one of the best on the market today. Now shortlisted for the best Architectural Luminaire Interior of the year award at this year's Lighting Design Awards, it's clear that the influence - and indeed the impact - of the Infra Structure is far from being short lived. The Infra Structure creation is an innovative architectural system with an industrial aesthetic. This design create a network of light within the space, and proves to me as much of a work of art when switched off as it does when acting out its function by illuminating the setting it's in. When devising this design for Flos Architectural, Vincent Van Duysen took reference from typical Bauhaus design language. Industrial in its very image, it boasts a striking aesthetic that marks the design out as being truly innovative and unique. In effect, the Infra Structure collection is Vincent Van Duysen’s reinterpretation of that typical Bauhaus design language. The design exposes a tubular structure with an industrial appearance, its sprawling shape purpose built to create a network of light within the space. Where the Infra Structure collection shines is through its expression, displaying an architectural composition through its rhythm and sequences, which are created by the design's interlocking parts and pieces. The collection is composed of a 48V track, which makes a bold use of Flos' exclusive magnetic technology for power distribution and luminaries installation. The design is to be surface installed as a grid, offering endlessly flexible opportunities and possibilities of combinations in single or multiple parallel modular lines - as suits your setting or your lighting project's needs. Already named as Product Of The Year at the most recent FX Awards, a win for Architectural Luminaire Interior at this year's Lighting Design Awards would not only cement the Infra Structure's place as one of the boldest, brightest, and most revered designs available, but would also cement Flos Lighting as luxury lighting market leaders. This is a company that, throughout their long established history, have learned to adapt, innovate, and grow. Building upon this expertise, the company continue to trust their intuition, and it’s this that has led them to create products that become as iconic as the Infra Structure collection. Flos fan the flames of provocation with research into new poetic notions of functionality. In doing this, the brand continue to establish new typologies and innovative archetypes with their characteristically classy designs.