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Flos introduce the Wan suspension

Posted on June 08 2018

Flos introduce the Wan suspension
Since it was first founded fifty years ago, Flos Lighting have been ceaselessly pursuing their ambitions of “crafting objects of light and shedding brightness on generations of dreams.” For Flos Lighting, light is more than illumination. Light is a substance they can use to express new ideas and illuminate unexplored emotions. It’s a tool for creativity, a means to convey ideas, ideals, and more besides. Flos use light to write the future, reading their past to inform their expression in the present. It’s a continuous evolution of positive challenges and bold choices that lead to each of Flos Lightings’ designs, and it’s these positive challenges and bold choices that continue to shape the brand’s image and identity as they continue to grow. Connecting with masters of design is incredibly important to the company’s ethos. By employing and working with the best, they have taken an extra step to ensure the items they make are the best. Discovering new talents is also important. Working with established names isn’t enough. The brand works with and nurtures talent in order to remain at the cutting edge of the lighting industry, ensuring a continued evolution and growth. Commanding high technical and technological status is a huge part of how the company continues to thrive. By using the most contemporary technologies they ensure that their products are always crafted to the height of technical capability. Through all this, Flos Lighting ensure they stay tuned in to mass culture. Taking influence from the world that surrounds them, the brand have become famed for their designs which continue to resonate with the audience that surrounds them. Throughout their long established history, Flos Lighting have learned to adapt, innovate, and grow. Building upon this expertise, the company continue to trust their intuition. It’s this that has led them to create products that become iconic. They fan the flames of provocation with research into new poetic notions of functionality. In doing this, the brand continue to establish new typologies and innovative archetypes with their characteristically classy designs. One of their freshest and most striking designs is that of the Wan suspension light. This lighting sculpture presents itself, as all designs from Flos Lighting do, with a sense of modern excellence that is truly characteristic. The Wan suspension lamp is a direct suspension luminaire. The light itself is crafted with an aluminium body, and is available in finishes of chrome, glossy white, enamelled green, or glossy black - whichever best suits your design project or design needs. Designed by Johanna Grawunder, the Wan lighting sculpture is also available as a ceiling light and a wall light. These can be used in tandem to create a sense of unity or alone for their own striking effect. Here at iLite, we stock a wide range of Flos Lighting products. As ever, our friendly and expert staff are on hand to assist you with any questions or queries you may have in regards to your luxury lighting projects and / or your luxury design needs.