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Fusion: Flos and Lukas Lighting

Posted on June 28 2016

The world of unique and contemporary luxury lighting designs is a competitive one. To bring theirs into being, Flos Lighting have a history of seeking out the most inventive collaborators. This reinforces their ability offer the most comprehensive and innovative solutions in the luxury lighting market.

One such collaborator - the most recently acquired by the brand - is Lukas Lighting. Through this collaboration, Lukas Lighting contribute new talents in American made and custom designed solutions. Working together, Lukas Lighting fuse their cutting edge technologies with Flos' contemporary designs.

Lukas Lighting

Lukas Lighting specialise in the design, development, and manufacturing of customised lighting. The brand have a vast experience working on a wide range of projects. This includes corporate interiors, retail chains, hospitality, and beyond. They stand out for their ability to tailor and engineer each project based on the specific needs of their client. As a result, the brand have long been a favourite among designers.

Working In Collaboration

Now working as part of the Flos lighting family, their know-how and experience is the perfect enhancement to the already successful Flos Architectural division. Creating in collaboration, the deigns of both brands excel. Together they shine in creating environments incorporating lighting in a manner that's both creative and sophisticated. The fusion of these capabilities enhances the quality of designs. The collaboration permeates the high standard Flos have always worked to.

Why This Works

Customization is at the heart of this pairing. The brands combine their knowledge, expertise, and cutting edge creativity. This gives architects and designers free reign to imagine new experiences of light in all their creativity.