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Fusion: Swarovski Lighting and Hubbardton Ford

Posted on June 23 2017

It's not often that the skills of the blacksmith are instantly connotative with the artisanal nature of luxury design. More usually this craft is linked with repairing farm machinery, making tools, and shoeing horses. These functions remain essential, but the ancient craft has evolved.

Hubbardton Forge are US designers and manufacturers of hand forged lighting fixtures, bringing delicate artistry to life out of 1000ºc heat, hammer, and steel. With nearly half a century of experience, this brand have elevated metal crafting into the realm of fine art.

Initially a two person craft studio working out of a 19th century barn, the company have continued to grow, becoming renowned for their commitment to American craftsmanship which they express through authentic hand forged heirloom lighting pieces.

It's their commitment to their craft, their pursuit of innovation, and their commitment to their values that make Hubbardton Ford such a perfect partner for Swarovski Lighting. Together the two companies have created Synchronicity. Described as “mercurial marriage of delicate, hand-forged steel with exquisitely cut crystals and handmade glass,” the creation is poetry in motion.

The name is a reference to the synchronicity between the materials: the forged steel of the structure is warm and masculine, while the glittering Swarovski crystals add a breath of cool air and a sense of femininity. The two materials, like the two brands, compliment each other perfectly, creating a product that offers both agility and strength.