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Fusion: Swarovski Lighting and Manooi Lighting

Posted on June 26 2017

Inspired by the natural light around us, Manooi Lighting strive to re-create the harmony and positivity of natural light within individual homes and public buildings. Having cultivated a cutting edge luxury lighting aesthetic, this brand was a perfect partner for Swarovski Lighting.

Celebrating their tenth anniversary, Manooi Lighting have become synonymous with lighting the most prestigious environments on the planet. The brand’s founding designers, János Héder and Judit Zoltai, decided to mark the milestone in a way that symbolized its success as one of the world’s most desirable lighting manufacturers.

Having worked with Swarovski Lighting as conceptual partners since the very onset of their career, it seemed only natural that they should work with Swarovski Lighting on a celebration of their endurance. As such, the milestone could only be appropriately commemorated in one way.

They chose a brand new crystal cut especially for them by Swarovski. This new crystal recalls Manooi’s most successful lighting fixture: the iconic Artica chandelier. With a distinctive ellipse recognized around the world, this light has been applauded for its grace and beauty all around the world.

The process of creating this new Artica crystal took two years. Resembling two galaxies embracing, it represents the synergy between the two companies.

The Artica crystal was launched at Milan's Salone Del Mobile. There it lit up the fair's Euroluce pavilions. Also on display at the event were Manooi Lighting's newest range. Su is an exciting new chandelier designed especially for the Salone Del Mobile. Burj is inspired by Islamic art and created for display and use in vast palace interiors. Both of these designs feature the new Artica crystal.

This new creation will become a signature of Manooi Lighting, incorporated into every future piece they create as a proof of authenticity. Not just a tribute to their past but a defining part of their identity going forwards, the Artica crystal is the embodiment of the personality that Manooi and Swarovski have long nurtured through their collaboration.