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Get to know Clerkenwell Design Week

Posted on May 21 2018

Get to know Clerkenwell Design Week
The luxury design industry is one that never ceases to thrive. Constantly evolving, constantly innovating, constantly changing, and constantly celebrating, new pieces of art are brought to life every day. As such, the luxury design calendar is one that's constantly filled with occasions to offer insight into its newest evolutions, innovations, changes, and celebrations. Events take place across the globe to allow designers to showcase their latest and most celebrated works, and to allow audiences to see the latest and most celebrated designs that are available. One such event is Clerkenwell Design Week, beginning tomorrow (22nd May) and running for three days (until 24th May). Clerkenwell Design Week is a programmed series of talks, of discussions, and debates have become known as a world class arena in which new designs can be introduced, new products can be discussed, industry issues can be raised, and attendees can network with fellow art and design professionals. These programmed and specially created events take place across participating showrooms and fringe venues over the three day duration of Clerkenwell Design Week. With tickets for these talks priced at a mere £5, this is an event that's readily accessible to anyone who can make it. The talks programme that runs throughout Clerkenwell Design Week see the event play host to a high calibre of speakers who explore a wealth of current industry topics and innovations, as well as showcasing the latest and greatest designs around. Inviting some of the leading pioneers in the creative industry to partake in these talks, discussions, and debates, these events - and the projects showcased around them - aim to push the boundaries of design in terms of concepts, processes, and material capabilities. Every year Clerkenwell Design Week presents not only new design products but also street spectacles that have been commissioned especially for the festival. These feature prominently around the Clerkenwell area, shining a light not only on the event but on the designs themselves so that everyone and anyone can see. These design projects and spectacles are created with the aim of challenging attendees and visitors' perceptions of design application, all the while acting as a source of not only inspiration but also of entertainment. And it's not just the design industry that shines. Over the duration of the three days that make up Clerkenwell Design Week the area is packed to the rafters with some of the most exquisite and world leading restaurants and eateries. Every year Clerkenwell Design Week selects twenty-five food and drinks partners who, over the course of the festival, will offer up a variety of discounts and deals that can be redeemed by showing your pink Clerkenwell Design Week lanyard. It might not be the biggest of the most renowned event of its kind, but for anyone looking to lose themselves in the evolutions, the innovations, the changes, and the celebrations of the luxury design industry, then Clerkenwell Design Week is a perfect opportunity. Accessible, affordable, and thoroughly entertaining, it's popularity seems only set to grow year on year.