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A Guide To: Bedroom Lighting

Posted on October 27 2017

When it comes to finding the right design to suit your luxury lighting needs, the options can seem somewhat endless. Here at iLte Lighting, our friendly and knowledgable staff are on hand to make the process as simple and seamless as possible for you.

One of the rooms in the home we spend the most time in is the bedroom. The bedroom is a retreat, a place to relax away from the rest of the world, and as such, it's important to have a lighting scheme that suits your tastes and your needs, and not only that, but to fit the design of the space too.

Ambient Lighting: from general to specific lighting in your bedroom space, you'll want to layer the different kinds of lighting to suit your daily use of the room. Proper ambient light can be achieved through natural lighting such as large windows or sky lights. Ambient light is best achieved with ceiling fixtures (like flush mount ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendant lights, etc.) or through floor lamps. Both lighting types will offer a sufficient amount of lighting for activities that don’t require bright, focused light.

Task Lighting: focused task lighting is built specifically to illuminate a purpose, such as reading, working, or applying make up. Focused task lighting need not be confined to the traditional desk task light. Consider bedside table lamps, low hanging pendants on either side of the bed, sconces, wall mounted task lights on either side of a headboard or other directional lighting placed above it.

Dimmers: researching thish “proper lighting/dimmers are important, because if there’s only one bright light source, it’s hard to transition into a relaxed sleep-mode. [With a] bedside lamp or sconce, you can ease into sleep or wake more gradually.”