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A Guide To: Brand Van Egmond

Posted on April 17 2017

When it comes to contemporary luxury lighting designs, Brand Van Egmond are one of the names that shine the brightest. A trendsetter in handcrafted decorative lighting, the company are unparalleled in their excellence.

Appearing at The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF for short), Brand Van Egmond showcased the expertise they've spent years fine tuning and expanding in a wholly unique setting. Speaking at the event, company founder William Brand offered seven tips to consider when finding the right lighting design for you.

1. Use light as your “pièce de résistance.”

Rather than just a way to illuminate a setting, Brand Van Egmond firmly believe that lighting sculptures should add their own character to a location - even if they're not switched on. There's an infinite range of lights out there, and this is a company that believes whatever fixture or lamp you choose should make a statement, or add a mood.

2. Introduce repetition to create atmosphere.

Brand Van Egmond might prize fixtures that make a statement, but being bold doesn't necessarily mean you ought to go for something large. Smaller lights can have just as much impact, and this can be increased through the repetition of their use. By featuring the same product several times, the sense of character remains present.

3. Mix form and function; play with different materials and textures.

Above all, lights are there to serve a function: to illuminate the setting they are in. But that doesn't mean you have to play it safe. Lighting designs should also invoke emotion. They're created to add character or emotion. When this is done successfully, this is what makes a light fixture feel at home.

4. Carefully consider your choice of bulbs.

There's more to choosing a lighting design than the aesthetic of the physical product. The choice of bulb makes a difference to the way the light illuminates a room. It changes the play of light and shadow. It can intensify or dull an effect how and when you wish. Because of this, Brand Van Egmond always recommend you carefully consider the type of bulb you use.

5. Use direct light whenever possible.

A light's purpose is to illuminate a setting, but chances are, the room you place it in will also be lit by natural light through the day. Artificial light can manipulate the atmosphere when evening starts to set in, but you should always consider how a light feels in a room when it's switched off. A good design adds a note of character and emotion at all times of the day.

6. Work with an interior designer who specializes in lighting.

If working on interior design, Brand Van Egmond always recommends you work with a designer who specialise in lighting. These are the people who really understand their craft. Switching on a light, adding artificial illumination to a setting, can change the way in which it's viewed. Understanding that is paramount in ensuring you space is showcased in the best way possible.

7. Remember that the right lighting should make people feel good.

Above all, Brand Van Egmond advise you to pay attention to how lighting makes you feel. Aesthetics are all well and good, but if the feeling isn't quite right, the atmosphere won't be as comfortable to be in. In every design they create, the company strive to create an impact on that, offering not just fixtures but a feeling you can revel in.