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A Guide To: contemporary chandeliers

Posted on September 18 2017

One of the magical things about about a chandelier is how it can define a room. It shines as much as it illuminates, it sets the mood of the whole space, and sometimes can even prove to be a conversation starter among guests. Here at iLite Lighting, we want to help you choose the right design to suit you. So how exactly do you do that? There are six different things you should consider whenever looking to buy a contemporary chandelier. Get these four things right, and finding the right design for your space becomes effortless. Style: this is one of the most exciting aspects of looking for a chandelier - the search for a new style that you adore. Consider whether your space is contemporary, modern, traditional, or a mix, and then consider whether you want a chandelier to compliment or contrast with that. The key lies in selecting a style that will not take away from your space, but enhance it. Finish: as with style, you need to consider whether you want your chandelier to have a finish that coordinates or contrasts with the space it is in. The finish of a light can transform it completely, from rustic to contemporary, from modern to classic, and everything in between, so it's important to take the time to understand the effect you want your design to have. Size: turns out size really does matter. A chandelier has the opportunity to be functional and visually outstanding when it’s in proportion to the room in which it’s installed. The general rules that interior designers work by us that the diameter of a chandelier should be equal to the room width divided by the room length. Position: when it comes to hanging your chandelier, the position should be as central to the room as possible. By doing this, it ensures that the design can be admired from all angles, it offers a visual balance to the space, and the illumination it offers is as evenly distributed as possible.