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A guide to functional lighting

Posted on June 15 2018

A guide to functional lighting
When you're selecting the luxury lighting designs to suit your setting, there are a world of different options available to you. It can be very easy to get lost while you're trying to navigate these choices. As ever, here at iLight we want to help. It might seem like it should be simple to choose a table lamp that goes with the rest of your space or a decorative pendant that you love. Architectural, functional lighting fixtures can be a deceptively hard to choose on your own. This is the lighting that professional designers regard as the crucial ingredient to make personal living space more functional, more comfortable, and certainly more beautiful. So what exactly do you need to take into account? How will you be using the room? Whether the space is for family life, private time, homework, entertaining, or other real-life activities, different purposes call for different types of lighting. It's important to consider not only the room's purpose, but the purpose of different spaces within the room, as this will help you source your ideal task lighting. What do you want your lighting to do? There are three basic types of lighting: general lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting. A good lighting plan has a combination of all three. Dimmers offer an ambiance for entertaining, meditation, or any mood in between. General lighting from overhead chandeliers, pendants or other ceiling lights should be supplemented with lighting close to the task, such as suspended pendants over a food prep area, or a dimmable LED task lamp on a desk. Dimmers create ambiance for entertaining, meditation or any mood in between. How much light do you need? LEDs use less power to produce the same amount of light as incandescent lights. With incandescent bulbs, brightness used to be measured in wattage. Now, it and LED brightness is measured in lumens. How many lumens is enough to light a task, or an entire room? How critical is colour? Lighting can make colours come alive. In the right light, fabrics, carpets and patterned surfaces really pop. Conversely, the wrong light will fade and flatten even vibrant colour or make cool colours seem off. It’s important to choose colour temperatures suited to specific situations. How important is innovative design and engineering? If you're looking for the latest ideas in lighting, it's worth noting that high performance light fixtures with integrated LED light sources have features and benefits not possible with incandescent light sources. Not only that, but they look quite different, too. More energy efficient and longer lasting than incandescent bulbs, LEDs are tiny and they run cool, two important factors affecting next-generation lighting design. Think about these two factors when you explore residential lighting’s slimmer, trimmer look and feel. Whatever your luxury lighting and design needs, here at iLite our friendly and expert staff are on hand to assist you with any questions or queries that you may have. Visit us in store at Birmingham's Mailbox or browse the full range of products we offer here on our website.