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A Guide To: Kitchen Lighting

Posted on October 25 2017

When it comes to finding the right design to suit your luxury lighting needs, the options can seem somewhat endless. Here at iLte Lighting, our friendly and knowledgable staff are on hand to make the process as simple and seamless as possible for you.

If you're looking for luxury lighting designs to suite your kitchen, there are several different options to consider. Ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting all have their plus points. So what exactly is it that you need to know?

Ambient lighting: this is the main source of illumination in most rooms, providing coverage for general activities, which in a kitchen can range through cooking, cleaning, eating, and more besides. Unlike any other type of lighting, ambient lighting can come from a free and organic source - daylight. Examples of ambient lighting include chandeliers, pendant lights, recessed lights, and flashmounts.

Task lighting: this type of lighting is used to illuminate in areas that require more focus. Ambient lighting can often leave shadows in these places. The purpose of task lighting is to cancel that out, illuminating specific areas of a room for specific purposes. Common examples of task lighting include strip lights and puck lights.

Accent lighting; this is used to emphasise the favourite elements of a room or a setting. They are used to draw focus to a display or an aspect of your room. Common examples of accent lighting include recessed lights, overcabinet lights, and toekick lights, among a number of others.