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A Guide To: lighting effects

Posted on May 23 2016

Lighting is capable of changing the entire look of a setting, and even how it feels to be there. Designing and creating lights is an artistry within itself, giving form to shapes of illumination and shadow. There are countless ways to bring light to a location, to serve an endless range of purposes. Here are just a few of the different effects you can achieve with luxury lighting.


Designed to throw illumination downwards, this is the most widely used and often sought after form of interior lighting. Most central light sources are downlights. This variety of lighting can cast a lot of shadows, so often downlights are counterbalanced by further more ambient lighting.


This offers a softer alternative to downlighting. It's designed - as the name suggests - to throw illumination upwards. It does this by having the light bounce off the ceiling and reflect back into the room.

Wall Washing

This is the term given to illuminating a wall - or any vertical surface - by placing a light at a distance. This ensures that the glow covers the entire surface.

Wall Grazing

Similar to wall washing, this is the act of illuminating a surface. Unlike wall washing, this is achieved from close to the surface, effectively highlighting its texture.


These are lights that highlight a particular point, or feature, of a room.

Perimeter Lighting

Used to accentuate the dimensions of a room, this method of lighting can make a setting seem expanded in size.

Luxury lighting is capable of transforming a room completely. Once you know the effect you want to achieve, finding your perfect fixture is already a task half done.