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A Guide To: Lighting Types

Posted on March 27 2017

Understanding what kind of luxury lighting you're looking for can be more complex than you expect. There are a countless number of different kinds, different ways to position them, and different options when it comes to illuminating a room. Here at iLite Lighting we are on hand to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

As a starting point, here is a guide to several of the different kinds of lighting that are available in the luxury lighting market, along with the ways in which they are best used, in order to help you choose the light fitting that's right for you.

General Lighting

If you hear the phrase 'general lighting', this is referring to the main lighting that illuminates the whole of a room. General lighting is used to facilitate basic activity in the absence of natural light. It is always located at the highest point, and it creates uniform lighting that is free from shadows.

Specific Lighting

Also known as focal lighting, specific lighting complements general lighting. Specific lights are used to illuminate a special area where a specific activity is carried out such as. A common example of this would be a reading corner or a kitchen table, where lights can be used to offer additional illumination to assist with activity.

Ambient Lighting

As a rule, ambient lighting is used to set a mood, and is accompanied by both artificial and natural light. Ambient lighting is used to light up dark areas and to create an atmosphere. With this type of lighting, the design of the lamp and the colour and intensity of the light emitted are important. When it comes to ambient lighting the latter shouldn’t be excessive.

Decorative Lighting

This kind of lighting is used to create or highlight a specific part of the room, such as a painting or the building’s architecture. Their use is straightforwards - to shine  a light directly on a feature.