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A Guide To: luxury lighting

Posted on May 25 2016

Luxury lighting is capable of elevating the feel of a room with an effortless class. There are seemingly countless brands - a lot of whom sit at the top of their fields with their chosen materials or processes. So how exactly do you choose which best suits you? What follows is a guide to the different types of lighting available, which will assist in pinning down the effect you wish to achieve in your specific setting.

General Lighting

This type of lighting serves the primarily functional purpose (rather than an aethetic one) of illuminating a whole room. The most commonly found variety of this is a pendant light. Even though their appearance is as important as their function, chandeliers also fit within this category, though due to the shadows cast by their extravagant designs these work best accompanied by other lighting layers.

Ambient Lighting

Much like general lighting, ambient lighting's purpose serves the primarily functional purpose of illuminating a whole room. But whilst general lighting strives to simply light up a setting, ambient lighting aims to invoke a specific feeling.

Mood Lighting

Similar to ambient lighting, mood lighting aims to create a specific feeling. With designs in this category, creating shadows is as important as creating light. The mood is the purpose, not the function of illuminating entire spaces.

Task Lighting

As the name suggests, task lighting designs are lights created to be used for specific tasks, such as reading. Usually with a stronger wattage than other lights - to provide the greatest illumination for the task in hand - it's recommended that these lights are used in conjunction with ambient lighting or general lighting in order to avoid eye strain caused by the contrast between light and dark spaces.

Accent Lighting

Whilst task lighting is used to illuminate a space for specific tasks, the purpose of accent lighting is to illuminate particular features of a setting or location.