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A Guide To: Luxury Lighting in the 21st Century

Posted on April 25 2016

A Guide To: Luxury Lighting in the 21st Century

What is luxury? Before we can answer this we must ask ourselves, what is the meaning of luxury to us? Is it class, status, opulence, excess, a state of mind or a lifestyle?

Luxury lighting to us is art, formed in the minds of the world’s top creative designers, and crafted using the most exceptional materials that convey the enormous amount of time, inventiveness and skill that has gone into designing and crafting the light. And hence why a luxury light isn’t just a light, it’s a lighting sculpture.

21st Century luxury lighting is all about being sexy, hip, unique and continuously pushing the limits of technology, design and craftsmanship.

Lighting is constantly evolving, just like fashion, every year we see new designs and concepts, created in the workshops of geniuses and showcased in most importantly the Milan Design Week held annually in May.

The top modern luxury lighting brands include:

  1. Swarovski
  2. Terzani
  3. Masiero
  4. Flos
  5. Foscarini

The top traditional luxury lighting brands include:

  1. Schonbek
  2. Lladro
  3. Voltalina
  4. Heathfield

Price for luxury lighting differ greatly. The more modern lighting brands such as Flos Lighting or Foscarini who don’t use much crystal tend to be more price sensitive when compared to the crystal heavy Schonbek chandeliers for example.

It is recommended to start your search for luxury lighting at least a month prior to you project commencing, as luxury lights can range from 4-12 week lead times as most are made to order and are not stocked like cheaper brands.

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