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A Guide To: Luxury Lighting History

Posted on March 28 2017

Luxury lighting has a long history. Lighting fixtures have been an accompanying part of contemporary life and society for many centuries. Almost every country in the world will boast a popular factory or a celebrated architect. It's something that continues to evolve even to this day.

Looking back, it's hard to tell where luxury lighting fixtures were first originated. Europe and the USA both lay claim to the invention. What follows is a brief overview as to the history of the industry and technologies that result in the designs we at iLite pride ourselves in selling and you make use of every single day.


The general consensus considers Europe to be the motherland of lighting fixtures. France, Italy, Germany, and Czech Republic are all leading countries in the number of known manufacturers.

It was Czech master craftsmen who invented the famous crystal glass. Lamps with Czech glass are first mentioned in documents dating as far back as the 13th century. It was around this time that glass makers began to sell lamps not just in their country, but also in the neighboring German lands, in France, and in Flanders.

By the 16th century the Czech Republic boasted more than 30 large plants. Famous glass blowers were granted titles of nobility. So much of a famed innovation was crystal glass that it became one of the country symbols. The craft was one of the most esteemed around.

By the 18th century Czech lamps was almost beyond compare. The country was an unparalleled leader in the world of lighting design. Their master craftsmen were invited to work at factories in Venice, Paris, Saint Petersburg, and beyond.

Elsewhere, in the Republic Of Venice, Italian craftsmen developed their own brands of murano glass and crystal glass. The Venetian master glass blowers who made these lamps lived on the closed islands of the Venetian lagoon. Their secrets were handed over from generation to generation.

Present Day

Today international brands cooperate with architects and designers from all around the globe. The definitive identity of a country in the manufacture of luxury lighting is something a number of brands have left by the wayside in order to draw in a creativity and expertise that spans the entire globe.

Despite the connotations of that, lighting manufacturing brands and names have far from forsaken their identities. Designers share their experience and tricks of the trade. Each company adds their own national motifs and flair to their lamp design, every product influenced by its own national history more than any other.