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What is modern lighting?

Posted on April 25 2018

Influenced by the modern art movement of the 1920's-1950's, modern lighting designs occupy a substantial space on the luxury lighting market. Taking inspiration from the not too distant history, modern lighting designs are among the most popular around. As with any style of lighting, there are several considerations to take into account if you're looking to use modern lighting as a part of your setting or within your lighting project. Here at iLite Lighting our expert staff are on hand to help with any questions or queries you may have. Below, we look at a few points you might want to think about. Should I choose LED? LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are common in modern lighting designs. Providing as strong an illumination as more conventional incandescent lamps, while using a fraction of energy, LEDs are cleaner, longer lasting, and cheaper to use. LED designs do tend to come with a more expensive price tag, however, the life expectancy of an LED bulb is years, so it is an option that may prove cheaper in the long run. Find what works with your design needs. How big should my lighting product be?  The scale of a fixture is very important to consider. If the room you want to illuminate is larger, there's the opportunity to use larger fixtures. If the room you want to illuminate has high ceilings, there's the opportunity to use wider fixtures. Similarly, the height of a ceiling can also dictate the intensity of light required to adequately illuminate the space. Recessed lighting designs are one type of lighting commonly found in modern interiors. Their design is minimalistic, even hidden, and their more intense light beams will punch the light downwards. How many lights do I need?  It's important to consider the size of the room or the setting that you are illuminating. Take into account the length of any counters, tables, islands, or other surfaces. Details such as this can help you work out how many lights you require to not only appropriately light up your setting, but also to compliment the design or aesthetic of the place. How do I coordinate colour and style while choosing a lighting design?  The first thing to consider here is whether you want your chosen fixture to compliment or contrast with the rest of the decor within your room. Modern lighting can have just as powerful an effect in a traditionally decorated room as it can in a modern setting. Generally speaking, modern designs make use of a lot of gloss and stainless steel, but that isn't always the case. Materials such as wood and other natural elements are also used in a number of distinctive modern designs. To summarise: modern lighting tends to stay with simple, clean cut designs, matching these elements to appear chic without being overcomplicated. Like with any lighting project, the important thing is to plan. Selecting a style and planning out your lighting design is worth the time it takes as this is what will help you find the lighting fixture (or lighting fixtures) that perfectly meet your lighting needs, as well as help you establish where to place them, ensuring that your setting achieves the optimum illumination as you seek to create.