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A Guide To: Schonbek's crystal quality

Posted on November 11 2016

With unparalleled experience and expertise in the crystal lighting industry, Schonbek are masters of their craft. The brand have dedicated years into finding the best materials and processes to create products of the highest quality. Their designs are available with a variety of options. But what exactly do these options mean? What follows is a brief guide to the crystals offered in the creation of Schonbeck lighting products.

Heritage Crystal

These are Crystals characterized by a visual purity, sharp faceting, and precise polishing. These heirloom quality crystals offer shining clarity at an industry standard in an array of different colours.

Rock Crystal

Used to light up illustrious European palaces in centuries past, these same cut crystals are still available. They're used in designs to present lighting as an art form. By proxy, they also present the chandelier as a piece of art. These crystals cannot be mass produced, and instead are mined raw. After this they are ground, cut, and polished at the hand of skilled gem cutters.

Optic Crystal

Previously only used in optical and scientific instrumentation, these were first used in lighting by Schonbek. Remarkably refractive, these crystals were once hand cut, but now (as technology allows it) machine cut. Because of this they showcase a notable improvement in their clarity and sharpness.

Vintage Crystal

Vintage Crystals are fashioned in the styles of era gone by. These crystals are shaped into fanciful beads, dainty droplets, and also antique-style faceted ovals. They are often presented woven into a chain. A range of colours is available.

Legacy Crystal

These originate in the glass-making regions of Venice. This crystal is molded and also fire polished to produce a simple luminosity. They are moderately priced in comparison to cut crystal.