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i-Lite: Next Desserts project

Posted on March 26 2016

i-Lite: Next Desserts project

We decided to visit the Next Desserts Restaurant. This is home to one of our most recent luxury lighting projects here in Birmingham.


The Concept

Throughout the project the owner worked closely with the i-lite Lighting Team. They did this to achieve a very specific and impressive lighting scheme. We were tasked with ensuring that monotonous designs would not be the outcome here. Unusual lighting our specialty.


The Project

We used combination of beautiful Italian Sillux pendants above the dining tables and a grand Metal Lux pendant for the VIP area. This created an ambiance that falls nothing short of magnificent. We strove for a combination of functional and also decorative luxury lighting throughout the restaurant. This allows for a seamless environment of luxury and also practicality.

Even on a relatively tight budget luxury lighting can be used. This is achieved by being selective. It's also achieved by choosing the placement of the lights carefully. Using pre-made designs as opposed to bespoke lighting solutions is also key to attaining this.


The Result

Next Desserts have got the interior design of the restaurant spot on. Not only that, but the desserts themselves were also out of this world! We noticed that attention to the finest of details was maintained throughout our visit. This included everything from customer service to the food. From the minute we entered the restaurant we were warmly greeted by the welcoming staff. They ensured our whole experience was memorable.


Our Service

Here at i-lite Lighting we are working with hundreds of interior designers, architects and business owners. We assist a whole range of people on their lighting projects. Our ethos is to provide excellent service. This means that our clients come back time after time for their lighting needs. It's also exactly this which has led to our current success.