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Illuminate: Swarovski's Currents

Posted on June 14 2016

Swarovski Lighting are always striving to bring their traditional designs to life. The brand pride themselves on providing classic elegance at the cutting edge of the industry. One way they do so is via their work with their Designers Of The Future. Studio Brynjar & Veronika are amongst the names listed for 2016.

The Designers

Established in 2011 by Brynjar Sigurðarson and Veronika Seldmair, the studio focus their creative lens on Icelandic storytelling and narratives. The do this through drawing, photography, video, sound, or furniture. The pair work to bring the rich culture of the country and also its environment to life.

The Concept

Studio Brynjar & Veronika's newest work was presented yesterday (June 13th) as part of the 2016 Swarovski Designers of the Future event at Design Miami in Basel, Switzerland. Entitled Currents, the stunning installation features a series of unique design objects. These utilize the interaction between natural light and crystal to create unexpected moments of beauty.

The Products

One item in the Currents installation is created in the image of functional blinds. These crystal window blinds are forged from bespoke window slats. This design celebrates the beauty in the reflection, refraction, and dispersion of light. A series of tiles capture the light around them to transform surfaces into reflections of water. Decorative crystal sticks (pictured above) illuminate shadows with colourful projections.

The Impact

Placed inside the home, these designs harness the power of the world around them and bring that beauty to life. Working so closely with crystal and natural light is something the brand have always done. With these designs, Swarovski Lighting continue to demonstrate an unparalleled expertise in their field and their craft.