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Illuminate: Swarovski's Unda

Posted on June 16 2016

The biggest name in crystal products, Swarovski Lighting are bringing their designs into the future. The brand have named a series of innovative creators as Designers Of The Future. Anjali Srinivasan is one of those designers.

The Designer

With a rich history of glass blowing, this artist and entrepreneur has worked in a wide variety of environments. She has explored everything from remote tracking, through to responsive environments, to digital media. She's also investigated their interactions with glass installations. Overseeing master craftsman at Cho Cho Ma Studios in Dubai, she previously taught extensively in the United States, Scandinavia and Australia.

The Design

On 13th June Anjali Srinivasan unveiled her stunning new installation at Design Miami event in Basel, Switzerland. Named Unda, the installation is inspired by the beauty and especially the impact of simple human gestures. Unda takes a form similar to that of a rolling wave surface. The design is comprised of thousands of crystal elements that respond to human touch by illuminating from within.

The Production

The glass casting technique was carefully designed to mirror the Earth's lithosphere. Minerals were added to molten glass to create layers akin to natural rock formations. The result is a material that looks as if it were natural. The result is a rather potent contrast to the precision cut crystals with which Swarovski have made their name.

The Effect

Unda was made to represent the importance of light, and also the importance of bringing light into peoples' lives whilst making it tactile and tangible. The installation is an awe-inspiring phenomenon captured, preserved, and exhibited in crystal. The touch-sensitive technology used within the crystal creates a whole new interface. Light follows the touch trail across the surface, consequently meaning symbols and shapes can be drawn there.

The Future 

Expanding into new technologies and delving deep into the different uses of crystal, Swarovski Lighting continue to cement themselves as twenty-first century luxury lighting market leaders.