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Inspiration: Masiero & The Waitomo Caves

Posted on March 29 2017

When they create their lighting designs, Masiero draw their influences from the most majestic places. Whether inspired by fantasy or nature, the installations they create embody all of this majesty in their very essence.

One such landmark that's inspired Masiero's designs is the Waitomo Caves of New Zealand. These caves were the inspiration for a project designed by Marc Sadler for Masiero at Fuorisalone. This project will be viewable at the Galleria Rubin in Milan centre from 4 - 9 April 2017.

The Waitomo Caves are a world of wonder unto themselves. The name itself is a Maori word made up of two parts: 'wai' translates as 'water', and 'tomo' translates as 'entrance' or 'hole'. In its entirety the name can be translated as 'stream which flows into the hole in the ground'. And that's exactly how you enter these caves - along the stream through a hole in the ground.

As anyone who has visited the Waitomo Caves will vouch, the location is unique in its sense of splendour. Glowworms offer a unique illumination that makes the setting feel entirely magical. Floating down the river, shimmering natural living illuminations guiding the way, there are few things considered more beautiful.

Drawing from this natural inspiration, Marc Sadler and Masiero have created a project that is completely and characteristically spellbinding. The innate magic of the location is embodied heart and soul in the project, and the result is nothing short of spectacular.