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Introducing: Adriani & Rossi

Posted on November 03 2017

"Fresh ideas and long lasting products" is the ethos that guided Adriani & Rossi. The Italian company first founded for merchandising in the furniture sector before expanding to become an international distribution company brings to life designs that are truly timeless.

With experience in everything from design, through manufacturing, to distribution, Adriani & Rossi work with the reality of the everyday, creating stunning designs that are capable of bringing a characteristic sense of magic to the mundane.

An established team of competent and motivated staff, Adriani & Rossi is a company with extensive experience, expertise, and creative ability. For the people who work with the company, lighting is much more than a job - it's their passion.

Sharing a pursuit of excellence, Adriani & Rossi have established themselves as a brand synonymous with a contemporary and artistic quality that is entirely characteristic of their designs, their creations, and their service.

It's a bright world that Adriani & Rossi create, one that each and every product they offer invites you to be a part of. Distilling personality and class into sleek and sophisticated designs, this is a brand like no other.