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Introducing: Bocci Lighting

Posted on July 05 2017

Founded in a simple red barn surrounded by hay fields somewhere on the periphery of the Canadian city of Vancouver, Bocci Lighting have grown to be one of the leading names in high end contemporary lighting design. The brand launched with just one product, named 14, which became an instant classic and skyrocketed the brand to success.

Today 14 remains a design staple and a bestseller for Bocci Lighting. The brand has built up a portfolio of contemporary design that ranges from light installations through to furniture and electrical sockets. Every product that Bocci Lighting creates has been developed, engineered, and fabricated in house. This is done through an infrastructure calibrated to provide full control over the technique, quality, and scale.

The international brand has headquarters based in Vancouver and Berlin. The company operates as a co-operative community, bringing together designers, architects, craftspeople, technicians, agents, governance bodies, testing facilities, raw material suppliers, and fine shops. It's an extensive network that allows the brand to thrive and progress.

By maintaining a healthy, flexible, and stable network, all united by the goal of creating and delivering extraordinary objects, Bocci Lighting have positioned themselves at the forefront of the contemporary luxury lighting market.

This is a brand that have always been and continue to be committed to participating in the speed of contemporary culture. They hold strong inventories and command a worldwide warehousing network in order to accommodate short lead times. This is so that you can receive the product that is right for you as soon as your needs require it.