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Introducing: Brabbu's values

Posted on September 05 2017

Bringing fierceness, strength, and power into an urban lifestyle, Brabbu is a design brand that reflects an intense way of living. Brabbu design and produce a diverse range of furniture, case goods, upholstery, lighting, rugs, art, and accessories. All of these have one thing in common: they tell stories from nature and the world.

Every product Brabbu create is crafted with a number of integral values. Each of these values is as important as the last, woven into the very fabric of their construction to ensure that every design can act as the perfect compliment to your needs.

Nature is one of the brand's driving inspirations. Every design piece strives to reinvent the forces of nature through that design, and does so using the materials, textures, scents, flavours, and colours that live inside nature and inside the urban life. Thriving in the face of the unknown, adventure, and challenge, this strong inspiration makes Brabbu more than just an attitude, but a powerful way of living.

Fierceness is present in every design the brand create. Brabbu believe in the strength of the oceans, of the soils, of the volcanoes, and of the nature that drives their inspiration. They believe that every force of nature has a rhythm, a heartbeat, and they strive to preserve and present this in every design piece.

Memories are another key force in Brabbu's creations. The company work on the belief that all the world's memories can be held inside nature, and as time passes, these important details become carved in nature's elements. Drawing from these scents, colours, textures, flavours, and shapes to create, every design piece is brought to life with distinction and character.

Harmony is part of what makes Brabbu designs so revered. Balancing between strength and subtlety, strong and soft textures, warm and fresh scents, ageing and innovation, and more beyond, the brand draws together the most powerful elements to offer the most perfect of compliments for your setting.

Culture is where these design pieces reside. Every product tells a story. Travelling all of the world to source their inspiration, their textures, and their shapes, Brabbu give not just life to their design pieces, but a sense of character, voice, and time. All these stories are reinterpreted through their products' use, in turn becoming part of the stories of every home and space they're a part of.