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Introducing: DelightFULL's values

Posted on September 08 2017

Creating lighting that reflects personality, DelightFULL's creations present a frame of mind and strong emotions in every detail of their construction. Focusing their vision with the best combination of high quality design and high quality craftsmanship, these design pieces not only illuminate interiors but add a strong design presence to any space with their unique forms. The world that DelightFULL embody is all about ambience and history, preserving and presenting moments that stay forever through their lighting designs. All their products are designed and constructed by an artisan team with a wisdom and passion for their craftsmanship. In a know how culture, DelightFULL combine the past heritage of handiwork with attention to emerging needs of the future. As such, these are designs that feel at once classic and contemporary, and serve dual purposes of aesthetics and function. Several values run paramount to the quality that DelightFULL instil into each and every one of their designs, each making sure their products are of optimum suitability for your projects. These values are the pride and drive behind the company. Design: Each design piece shows the intense passion the brand has grown and cultivated for their craft - creating luxury lighting products. Skills: Crafted by hand, every design has a heritage of manual wisdom that is frequently forgotten when it comes to mass production. Elegance: Every design is created with a unique identity and character, not only to make it special, but to make sure it brings what you're looking for to your setting. Softness: These products won't force attention. Instead, they are all made with an ever present value that appeals to soft, relaxing, and thoughtful senses. Sophistication: For products with personality, presentation that's soft and sophisticated, and, simply put, lighting pieces with soul, DelightFULL are recognised as one of the best.