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Introducing: Diesel Lighting

Posted on May 03 2016

Introducing: Diesel Lighting

Since the company's creation in 1978, Diesel has stood for individuality, self-expression, and passion. More than just a brand, the name stands for a way of life, a method of thinking, and a mode of action. It's personality presented in an aesthetic, an unmistakable sense of character displayed for all to see.

Founder Renzo Rosso began stitching jeans using his mother's sewing machine at the age of fifteen. What initially began as a fashion brand that prided itself on innovation quickly grew, their ethos incorporating effortlessly into every aspect of lifestyle.

Striving to "decode the world around us, take it apart and unlock what we thought we knew", Diesel "see differently and unite with those who see it too." In collaboration with Foscarini, the brand have brought their vision to life with a truly characteristic lighting range.

Having at last found "partners who are able to satisfy our needs in terms of quality and know-how", Diesel Lighting strive "to offer to our consumer the possibility to express himself and personalise his home with products he feels near his taste."

Much as their clothing is a way of living, Diesel Lighting is a way of seeing. Fiery, fun, and above all, creative, their designs are created with a defining sense of personality. Forged in the spirit of both emotion and adventure, there's a Diesel light to suit any character.

Their unconventional range can bring something unique to any setting. Whether it's public or domestic, industrial or vintage, pop or rock, these designs offer a taste of culture with a contemporary edge.

"Draw your own path. March in the streets with us," Diesel incite in their manifesto. With their lighting range, Diesel are inviting you to make your place your own, accepting no compromise.

You can view the Diesel Living with Foscarini range here.