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Introducing: Diyas Mantra

Posted on May 09 2017

Having forged an international reputation as crystal specialists, Diyas Mantra Lighting are leading designers and manufacturers of decorative lighting. From non electric shades to magnificent chandeliers, the brand boasts over 100 collections – a vast choice to suit their vast audience.

A part of the Inspired Lighting Company, these products range from the simplest of GLS lamp bulbs right up to the showpiece light fitting for any setting. Diyas Mantra Lighting take great pride in offering some of the most innovative and creative lighting products on the luxury lighting market.

Their philosophy is one that every light they create embodies. "Siente le luz" they declare with pride - a phrase which here means "feel the light." This is a phrase that has been with Diyas Mantra from the very beginning, decorating and accompanying the brand name since day one.

Customer and client satisfaction is at the heart of everything this brand create. In offering product protection regarding all their designs and images, Diyas Mantra provide their customers, clients, and product users with a support and backing that cultivates confidence and loyalty.

Diyas Mantra Lighting’s designs take pride not only in their sense of character but also in their energy efficiency, fusing practicality and functionality with an innate splendour. Diyas Mantra’s lighting range can be viewed online or in store here at iLite Lighting.