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Introducing: Dolce Vita Lighting

Posted on February 15 2017

La dolce vita. The sweet life. It's an aspiration we all strive for, with connotations of beauty, goodness, and warmth that radiate with optimism. It's a phrase echoed through culture - naming restaurants and bars that strive to offer a quality that rings true with the words. Through their range of luxury lighting, Dolce Vita aim to achieve just that.

The History

Dolce Vita is a luxury subsidiary brand of Italian Design Lighting. The parent company was founded in 1987, when associates Antonio Piva and Lino Feltrin decided to merge their expertise, knowledge, and experiences to launch a manufacturing facility for interior decorative lighting. The firm, their processes, and their products have always been managed with artisanal aesthetic in mind, enabling them to create exclusive and highly prestigious designs which evolve in step with the firm itself.

Throughout their three decade long history the brand has grown to stand as one of the market leaders. Known for the exclusivity of their designs, what this company offer has always been something unique – a facet that has long kept their products in high demand.

The Brand

Capturing and projecting light in sophistication, with these designs elegance and style are paramount. Building from superlative design precepts, every Dolce Vita product is created with the highest standard of quality firmly in mind.

Every light is considered an individual work of art, something that not only instills refinement and awe on its own, but that does so for a whole setting, complimenting the environment for the consumer. Each product is built with all the the hallmarks of artistry and the utmost attention to detail.

The Designs

Dolce Vita's art experts continuously seek out new shapes and materials, all of which are tried and tested thoroughly, ensuring that all the products they offer are both unique and at the cutting edge of technology.

Associating soft lines with classical styles of sensational shapes, the brand takes great influence from organic forms in nature. The concepts they draw from may sometimes be abstract, but regardless of where they take their inspiration, the results are always supremely stylish.

With an expertise in creating objects that embody and innate beauty, Dolce Vita designs give centre stage to balance, harmony, and personality. These are the hallmarks of all their products.